The Top 4 Fundraising Ideas for Kids

July 2, 2013

If you’re thinking that another fundraiser at your kid’s youth group, club or school needs to be another bake sale, then you’re mistaken, because there are many other fundraising ideas for kids to consider these days. Below, this article will take a closer look at some of them, so let’s check them out right now!

1. Flower Bulbs

Selling flower bulbs is certainly a great idea that gives people an environmentally friendly and also a tangible item that will brighten their days for many years to come. Due to the fact that they’re long lasting, bulbs are very much appealing and they are also never considered a hard sell. Even more, you don’t need to use them right away, because you can keep them in your fridge and plant them when the right time comes (which is basically a bit later after the first frost in fall).

You might think that contrary belief will disapprove such an idea, but the good news is that those who will buy them don’t really need to be gardeners, due to the fact that many of these bulbs will make for a wonderful indoor plant that requires minimal care.Fundraising Ideas for Kids

2. The best fundraising ideas for kids: Bottled Water

Whether you’re doing a yearlong project or a single fundraising drive, customized bottled water offers a truly great fundraising opportunity. So the bottles that you’ll get to sell will not only be a healthy product that your clients would use anyway, but at the same time it’s also an ongoing ad for your organization.

In what regards the price for one such bottle, it’s generally one dollar, but because you’re selling it for a good cause, you can definitely charge more for it. Keep in mind though that you’re going to need an upfront purchase, so if you don’t want to get a whole truckload, you can go ahead and purchase just 24 bottles.

3. Engraved Bricks

If you want your buyers to be left with a long lasting impression after they have contributed to your fundraising campaign, then you’ll definitely need to consider selling them personalized engraved bricks. You can then build a patio or a walkway from these bricks at the club or school meeting place, which would certainly be a lot like your own version of the Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

Even better, you can easily advertise this opportunity in your local newspaper and you won’t really need to get any upfront money, too. The bricks will only be ordered when you’ll have the info and the payments made. About the price for the bricks, it should be around 35 dollars, which means that each brick will bring in a profit of 20 dollars.

4. Angel Tree

This is one of the best fundraising ideasfor the Christmas season, but you can also go for a non-denominational tree. Thus, you can sell people a personalized lace angle ornament or a white Christmas tree light that they’ll get in the memory of a dear person to them that has passed away. For the season, the ornament or light will be placed on a communal Christmas tree, but if it’s an angel ornament, you can have a party on the last day and then just let the individuals take their ornament home.

In what regards the angels, you can charge between 15 to 20 dollars each, while the lights can be sold for 10 dollars per piece. You should expect people to pay more though, because it pays homage to one of their loved ones and it’s also part of a touching season-long celebration.

With that being said, these are the best fundraising ideas for kids you can consider if you want to get the necessary funding for those good causes your kids believe in. Good luck with any of these!

7 Awesome Raising Money Ideas to Consider

July 2, 2013

Fundraising is an age old concept that involves raising money to fund projects or causes. Most fundraisers are held to help non-profit organizations and charities raise money to support whatever causes are set forth. Alternatively, fundraising can also be organized by persons or individuals to raise money for funding expenses such medical bills, college tuition, trip etc. Whatever the reason for raising money, the most important thing is to make sure that the whole process is fun and worthwhile. If you are looking to organize a fund drive but you are short of ideas, then here are 7 super ideas for raising money.

7 Awesome Raising Money Ideas to Consider

Raffles are an awesome way of raising money. Raffles involve selling raffle tickets and awarding few or one big prize to the winner. Typically, the process involves organizing a contest where people purchase tickets and a few individuals or one is awarded the set prize. Normally, the money raised through the sale of tickets is enough fund the prizes and offset the project expenses.

Another easy way of raising money is to hold or organize competitions that are fun and engaging. You can hold competitions like singing, dancing or beauty pageants in order to raise the targeted amount of money. You can raise the funds by selling entry tickets to interested revelers or audience

Garage sale
Another awesome fundraising idea is to hold a garage sale. A garage sale involves selling unused or stuff you don’t need in your home to raise a certain amount of money. If you have plenty of junk you don’t need in your home then you will likely have lots of success in raising money through this method.Raising Money Ideas

Organize a craft fair
Organizing craft fairs is another good idea for raising money or funds. If you have talented artists or craftsmen in your area, then you can organize a craft fair where you raise funds through selling art or craft pieces on show.

Another super fun to raise money is to organize a carnival. Carnivals are usually attended considering they offer lots of fun and entertainment. You can raise money by selling entry tickets. Additionally, you can sell products like cakes, art, and craft pieces to boost the total amount of money raised.

Penny Drive
Another creative way to raise lots of funds towards a cause or a project is to organize a penny drive. A penny drive involves asking people to donate the pennies or loose change lying around towards a specific course. Penny drives can raise a lot of cash in the end, if you manage to catch the attentions of many people. Penny drive are loved by many people because they give people to the freedom to contribute whatever they want or desire.

Fund raising company
Lastly, you can decide to use the services of a fundraising company to raise money for whatever project or cause you want. Fundraising companies or groups have the required expertise and connections to help you raise funds successfully. A fund raising company will usually charge a certain percentage of the total funds raised as commisions.

5 Unique and Creative Fund Raising Ideas

July 2, 2013

Every non-profit organization should constantly use the proven fund raising methods. These are events, grants, direct mail and personal giving. However there are times when these methods seem to become a routine and their impact begins to wane. So what should you do at such times to revamp your fund raising efforts?

The key is to be creative and apply some uncommon fund raising ideas. The ideas proposed in this post can be adapted to successfully raise funds for most organizations. But you need to test them first so you can know the ones that will work best for you. Here are 5 unique and creative fund raising ideas for your organization.

1. Hold a Super Event

Super events are usually organized to raise money for political campaigns. This kind of event can also be used by non-profits. The idea is to get several people to host mini fundraising events in several places, with one theme at the same time. To tie all these events together, you can have a video conference or an internet event that brings the organization’s board and key donors together.

A super event will save you money because you only need to support one main event. It will also help you to raise more money because more publicity will be generated for the event.

2. Create Bonded Fundraising Groups

This involves building a network of people who have common interests to support your organization. For example, you can have a group of young professionals, doctors, lawyers, etc. You could also bond donors together based on where they live, their tribe or any other strong common interest. These kinds of donor groups have great potential for viral growth because members can easily approach others with similar interests or characteristics and ask them to join.

3. Hold a Reverse Raffle Draw

If you usually hold raffle draws at your fundraising events, you should try a reverse raffle. In the reverse raffle, you give your attendees a free raffle ticket. But instead of the drawn ticket winning a prize, the person who owns the ticket will be given a slightly embarrassing task to carry out. For example, it may involve dancing on stage with some clowns, wearing a funny wig, or singing in front of everyone.

To prevent embarrassment, you can allow people to sell back their tickets in groups. The first group could sell theirs for $1, the next group for $5 and so on.

4. Let Your Donors Pay to Serve

Several of your supporters will like to do some physical work to support your organization. So you can create an event that skillfully combines volunteering and fundraising. For instance, you may ask people to make a contribution and give them a position to work on the volunteer day.

If you are constructing a shed for instance, you can ask people to pay a reverse wage of $30 to be part of the construction team. Team leaders could even be asked to pay more to occupy a supervisory position. Make sure you take a lot of photographs and let everyone have the proofs showing them with their work clothes. Such an event can be very fulfilling for most donors.

5. Engage Direct Impact Fundraising

Fundraising is more effective when the donors know exactly what their donations will be used for. For example, instead of simply requesting for donations for your group or organization, sit down and itemize the things you need. Then let people donate an exact amount for each item. You could even get the supplier of the items to bring some of the items to your site or office and let the donors see them as they give. This can act as a very good motivator for most donors.

Those are 5 creative fund raising ideas for you to try out in your non-profit organization. Review them again and move straight into action today.